My Journey

 At a very young age I was aware of energy around me. I had dreams with visits of loved ones in spirit as well as out of body experiences. As I grew older my interest in the paranormal grew as well as the tarot. This led me to spirit communication and energy healing.  Being a stay at home mom for many years I had the opportunity to pursue many courses on mediumship, tarot, psychic development and energy healing. I found over the years the door to learning is endless. With the services I offer my goal is the help my clients realize their true potential and achieve their dreams. We are all spirit beings with natural abilities. 

My Education


Doreen Virtues Mediumship and angel card



Past Life Regression Therapy

Quantum Life Coaching

Angel Healing

Reiki Level 2

Law Of Attraction 


Crystal Healing Reki Master

Year One Mediumship Mastery




Golden EFT Tapping

Lives Between Lives


Transmutation dowsing

Angel Energy Healing

Spiritual Hypnotherapy